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Small Business Social Media Management: In-house Or Outsource

Small Business Social Media Management: A Toss Up In the current times having a social media presence is of high vitality for small businesses ’ expansion and existence. A brand is represented through its various social media channels. The content going out on the channels is reflective of its values and services. The business’s social […]

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5 Ways Apple iOS 14.5 Is Affecting Your Facebook Ads And How Skyfield Co Is Overcoming It

iOS 14.5 & Its Changes  About iOS14.5 A dynamic ecosystem surrounds the digital ads and, in this ecosystem, chances are the only thing that is constant. The changes are primarily due to a government’s regulations or tech company’s policies. The recent change to disrupt the digital ad world is Apple’s iOS 14.5 release. With this release, Apple's […]

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Logo Designing At Skyield Co

Our insights into the logo design, its relevance in your marketing strategy. Our strategies involved in logo designing at Skyield Co to create your unique logo would also be showcased.   Logo Design What is it, Why should It be your business’s superstar? & Its designing elements. Congratulations on having embarked on your business!! Even before […]

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Social Media Marketing For Small Business

Social Media Marketing For Small Business -A Requirement Measuring Your Marketing Outcome? As a small business owner, it is a mammoth task to measure the performance results while adopting traditional means to market your product. If you have been able to successfully measure your marketing outcomes kudos to you and do share your secret. If […]

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5 Simple Sydney Real Estate Marketing Hacks

As highlighted by the PropertyUpdate the real estate market in Sydney has been performing well. The market sentiments are optimistic and It is likely that the property market will witness double-digit growth. Most of the property segments will witness a huge upward movement in their prices over the next 12 months. Given the fact that […]

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6 Ways To Market Your Business In 2021

Marketing Your Business In 2021 The year gone by was a year of changes. It was a year of upheaval, uncertainty, and fight for survival. Everyone everywhere, especially businesses were affected by it. Businesses that had adopted digital means to market their businesses were the clear winners. Businesses that managed with partial or without digital […]

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A letter to small/medium-sized Australian property developers

New ways and means of marketing  for the small/medium-sized Australian property developers Lead with Insights, Market with Precision. Currently, global tourism and trading are in a semi-stop state. Working at home affects the direction of future property selection. The increase in network speed makes it unnecessary for office workers to commute between home and workplace. […]

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